Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I fit vinyl stickers?

Click here to view our sticker fitting guides.

Where can stickers be used?

Our stickers can be applied to any smooth, flat surface like car panels, windows, mirrors, doors, fridges and painted walls. They are not suitable for flexible materials, fabrics and leather.

My sticker won’t stick to glass?

There is a common issue with glass application where the heat from your hands causes a layer of condensation to form between the glass and the sticker, making it not stick. This has nothing to do with the sticker not being sticky enough, it’s just that the sticker will not stick to wet glass. If you put your hand against the glass for a few seconds and remove it, you will see the condensation that it causes. To overcome this we suggest heating the area until the glass is warm to the touch so the chance for condensation to form is eliminated.

Is there a background colour?

No, the vinyl is cnc cut from a sheet of your chosen colour. Once applied, the background colour will be whatever the colour the object is that you are applying it to.

Are stickers re-positionable?

Our stickers are not re-positionable, our stickers can be removed easily, but are not re-useable.

Can I apply stickers onto wall paper?

Our stickers aren’t made to go on wall paper due to the fact that the transfer film would adhere to the wall paper and potentially damage it on removal.

Can I apply stickers onto painted lining wall paper?

Yes this is fine as long as the lining paper has had at least one coat of paint it should remove the issue from the above question.

How do I remove a sticker?

The simplest way is to just pick and peel, if you struggle, try warming the sticker with a hairdryer first as this helps to soften the adhesive.

Can you colour match?

No, we only have a limited range of colours so it is always best to order a colour sample to make sure the colour is what you would like.

Are the colours on screen accurate?

No, because there are so many different types of web browser displays in the world, it is impossible to accurately portray our product colours on a computer screen or mobile device. Please order a colour sample before purchasing if you are in doubt.

Can I return the sticker if it is not what I wanted?

All our stickers are made to order so we cannot offer a refund for items ordered in error. You can order a colour sample to clarify colour before purchasing. However, if the product is damaged when delivered please return it in the packaging in the state it was received and we will send a replacement.

I’ve just painted my wall can I use this?

We advise that you leave the walls a couple of weeks before trying to apply stickers, also they would need to be wiped prior to applying stickers to remove any dust or loose particles.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a freshly plastered the walls please make sure that you have used an undercoat before painting as the paint surface will need to have been well keyed to the plaster or when removing the transfer film your paint could be damaged and require a touch up. We have industry experience of applying vinyl which we have tried to pass on in a simple easy to use way, however we cannot take any responsibility for errors you make during the fitting of your stickers. We also cannot be held responsible for any damage when you are removing stickers. This is a DIY product and is supplied on the premise that you may have to touch up areas of paintwork after removal.